Kick off! Yahoo!

Today is the day! That's right. Its the first day of the Henry Glass Designers Holiday Project Parade. Each designer has a holiday key word that she will use in her blog post. You collect the key words (keep a list). At the end of the parade you list all the key words in your comment on the Henry Glass website and if you get them all, your name goes into the hat for the drawing.

Today's designers are that cute Linda Lum DeBono of Dzyning Things, Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures and the gals of Little Quilts. They are all authors, designers, and quilters. I have been to their sites and want to make everything I have seen. Here is what I know about each of them...

Linda is a techo-savy genius and funny. She goes a mile a minute and you need to fasten your seat belt if you are going to run with her. She is one of brains behind this project and it wouldn't have been possible to get it all together without her.

You will never meet a nicer person than Heather Mulder Peterson. She works incredibly hard and is one of the most humble and modest people I have met in the quilt business. I love both those attributes not to mention the quilts and fabrics she creates.
I don't know the ladies from Little Quilts very well but am hoping to. I do know that I love the rich coloration in their fabric lines and always look forward to what they have coming off the drawing board.

Have fun visiting everyone's blog and collecting free projects today. Don't forget about the key words. Stop back tomorrow to see who's up next.

Late Breaking News!!!!!

My travelogue has just been interrupted by some exciting news! The designers at Henry Glass are doing a Holiday Project Parade especially for all of you (I wish I were you right now!).

How does this work?????

Dates of the Parade: Dec 1-7, 2010. That's this week. Yay!

How many projects will be offered each day? Three, uno, dos, tres!

How do I find the projects? You can visit your favorite Henry Glass Designer's blog to get pointed in the right direction or you can visit Henry Glass each day for a referral to each blog. You then visit each of the blogs listed for the day to see the free projects. Love the project? Download the file. FREE, FREE, FREE!

How do I enter to win the grand prize? Collect the clue words from each site you visit. You must visit all 21 sites and collect all 21 clue words. At the end of the parade, visit the Henry Glass website and enter to win the grand prize giveaway.

Do I need to comment on each designer's blog? Not to be eligible for the grand prize but you may if that designer is offering an extra little giveaway on her blog.

What is the grand prize? The winner will receive a prize from each and every one of the designers in addition to a prize that Henry Glass will give. That means you will get 22 presents in the mail! (I told you I wished I were you!).

Next up, Santa Barbara

From the Getty Villa, we traveled up the PCH (pacific Coast Highway for you easterners) to Santa Barbara where we did a little site seeing.

Here is the view from my hotel balcony at sunrise.

Walked across the street for breakfast at the Each Beach Grill. I think this was the best meal I ate while on the trip. It may have had something to do with dining on the sand with the ocean breeze drying my hair!

We toured the historic but active Santa Barbara mission. This mission was originally constructed around 1830 or so. Fourth graders in California study mission history so lots of them tour the missions. Lucky for us (and you!), we had a young girl in our group who knew the answers to all of the questions! The 3 statues on the top of the mission are Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith has a cross, Hope has a ???? (where is that little girl when I need her?) and Charity has a baby.

The chapel altar is breath taking as are the ancient statues and religious icons.

I visited Knit and Pearl, one of the local yarn shops and found some yarn I have been looking for awhile. I had a to-die-for pumpkin strip pastry at Andersen's, a local Danish bakery before leaving town. Next-up, grand-kids and the civil war....

Working vacation

When I got home from market, I had just enough time to wash a couple of loads of laundry and then it was off to Southern California to present trunk shows and teach workshops. So far, the trip has been wonderful. Here are a few places we visited.

Our own private hotel in St. George (one of my brother's homes which he generously opens up to us when we are traveling to and from California).

Orange County Quilt Guild Trunk Show. The attendance was good and our welcome was spectacular!

The students are all in their places with bright shiny faces! The Orange Bee Quilt Shop hosted us and it was a wonderful location as you can see from all the windows and the huge classroom!

Then it was on to Santa Monica where we stayed almost across the street from the ocean and dined at the Ivy (think Jenifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, etc). We saw none of them (it was a school night as my mother would say!) but what a lovely view to start the day off with.

We checked out Santa Monica and Venice and I am just certain that one of these towns was meant to be my home! Laid back, eclectic and interesting.

Then it was on to the Getty Villa in Malibu where Roman antiquities are housed. Lots of statues, even more pottery all in a spectacular building and garden that overlooks the pacific. To be continued....

this poor old blog

Mimi would say that this is a sad, sad, sad blog. She would be right! I am going to try to keep up with this thing one more time. Why? Something turbo cool is headed your way. We will be making an announcement in a day or two.

In the meantime, here are a couple of market photos.

Our booth when we arrive...stunning, no?

Our booth after we hang a few things. Photo is taken from aisleway in front of booth.

After-right hand wall. Roses courtesy of the folks at Lecein. Beautiful aren't they? Same goes for the roses!

Our table of wares at Sample Spree

And we're off!

Our friends, Glenna and Bill Hailey. If it wasn't for them, we would have never left the hotel. We had dinner with them and the company couldn't have been any better. Food was pretty good too.