This is it!

Today is the last day of Holiday Project Parade. The designers for today are Kim Diehl who does bee-u-tee-ful machine applique and piecing. She will post her project on the Henry Glass blog. She doesn't live too far from me but we have never met in person. We need to change that!

Here are Pam and Janet from the Buggy Barn. I hardly think they need an introduction! I had the opportunity to visit the Buggy Barn one year during the outdoor Quilt Show they hold each autumn. If you ever get the chance...go!!! It is a sight I will never forget! Can hardly wait to see what the projects are today.

And now, a little housekeeping.
1. My word was "present"
2. If you tried to download my project Saturday afternoon, you need to try again. I had made a mistake and it took until later that evening to get everything right. I had to re-do the templates for the download. If you got no templates, you need to get them.
3. QuiltSoup will announce the winner of our giveaway on December 8th (tomorrow).
4. The grand prize: After you have visited everyone and collected all the key words you can visit the Henry Glass blog on December 8th and comment with the list of words and your name. Please be specific about who you are. There might be more than one Nancy in Florida, for example. When you post the key words, your comment will not be visible but it will be recorded. We have to keep everyone honest you know. Please enter only once.

The grand prize is all the stuff you see in this picture.

Carrie at Miss Rosie's put the whole thing together for you. Henry Glass furnished the fabric (about 40 yards or so)! You will see a rotary cutter, ruler, some books, and a calendar in addition to the fabric. I would say that Santa is definitely visiting someone and I hope it is you!

I also hope you have had a good time and found projects that will help you throughout the holiday season. Stop back whenever you have the chance.


~Kathleen said...

Barbara, This Henry Glass Holiday Project Parade has been such a fun experience. Thank you for contributing to the hop's success. I didn't know Carrie put the whole thing together. I'll have to go thank her next. Let's do it again sometime. Happy Holidays to you! ~Kathleen

Marcia said...

Thank you for this great HG Holiday Project Parade. blogger crashed so don't know if prior comment really posted. I've enjoyed visiting your blog each day to see projects, inspirations, and just for fun. Merry Christmas.