Ever Hopeful

You may have heard that we had a winner at the Henry Glass Holiday Project Parade. Congratulations on the big win to Erica in Montana. Santa will be stopping at her place this year!

Now on to the last minute things....I am not sure why it is considered last minute shopping yet. It seems to me I still have a few more days to go to gather up, wrap and ship Christmas Gifts. I always joke that when the commercials for jewelry come on TV, it is the last minute. They are on! I like to make something by hand for my granddaughters each year and haven't even thought about it yet. Last night I had a free project download delivered to mailbox. I knew these were the right things for me to make but I am not quite sure I can make the deadline.

These are jewelry hangars that are crocheted. You crochet or knit a little swatch and then mount it into a frame and there you have it! The free download is available at Stitch Diva Studios. Let's see...I have to make 3 of these and ship by Monday.....gotta go!!!


Sherri said...

I'm thinking I'll be ready by Monday...and I agree with you...Monday won't be last minute!