Just so you know...

There is a big old sale going on over at QuiltSoup..... Have a great week!

Merry Christmas to All

On behalf of QuiltSoup, I would like to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.
We hope you eat what you love, laugh as much as is legally allowed and spend time with the ones you want. That's what we're gonna do!

Ever Hopeful

You may have heard that we had a winner at the Henry Glass Holiday Project Parade. Congratulations on the big win to Erica in Montana. Santa will be stopping at her place this year!

Now on to the last minute things....I am not sure why it is considered last minute shopping yet. It seems to me I still have a few more days to go to gather up, wrap and ship Christmas Gifts. I always joke that when the commercials for jewelry come on TV, it is the last minute. They are on! I like to make something by hand for my granddaughters each year and haven't even thought about it yet. Last night I had a free project download delivered to mailbox. I knew these were the right things for me to make but I am not quite sure I can make the deadline.

These are jewelry hangars that are crocheted. You crochet or knit a little swatch and then mount it into a frame and there you have it! The free download is available at Stitch Diva Studios. Let's see...I have to make 3 of these and ship by Monday.....gotta go!!!

The QuiltSoup winner is.....

As far as I am concerned, you are all winners! Wouldn't it be nice if I could just wave my wand, or wiggle my nose and make this come true. But there is only one Santa Claus and I think of him looking like this. He sings "I'd like to buy the world a coke and".......

The name I drew from the hat was that of MommaRock who commented on December 4, 2010 7:50 AM. Congratulations! Please email your info and I will send your prize right out.

This is it!

Today is the last day of Holiday Project Parade. The designers for today are Kim Diehl who does bee-u-tee-ful machine applique and piecing. She will post her project on the Henry Glass blog. She doesn't live too far from me but we have never met in person. We need to change that!

Here are Pam and Janet from the Buggy Barn. I hardly think they need an introduction! I had the opportunity to visit the Buggy Barn one year during the outdoor Quilt Show they hold each autumn. If you ever get the chance...go!!! It is a sight I will never forget! Can hardly wait to see what the projects are today.

And now, a little housekeeping.
1. My word was "present"
2. If you tried to download my project Saturday afternoon, you need to try again. I had made a mistake and it took until later that evening to get everything right. I had to re-do the templates for the download. If you got no templates, you need to get them.
3. QuiltSoup will announce the winner of our giveaway on December 8th (tomorrow).
4. The grand prize: After you have visited everyone and collected all the key words you can visit the Henry Glass blog on December 8th and comment with the list of words and your name. Please be specific about who you are. There might be more than one Nancy in Florida, for example. When you post the key words, your comment will not be visible but it will be recorded. We have to keep everyone honest you know. Please enter only once.

The grand prize is all the stuff you see in this picture.

Carrie at Miss Rosie's put the whole thing together for you. Henry Glass furnished the fabric (about 40 yards or so)! You will see a rotary cutter, ruler, some books, and a calendar in addition to the fabric. I would say that Santa is definitely visiting someone and I hope it is you!

I also hope you have had a good time and found projects that will help you throughout the holiday season. Stop back whenever you have the chance.

Flying by

I can't believe how fast the week is flying by. Today is the the sixth day in the Henry Glass Holiday Project Parade. The designers for today are LeAnn Anderson and Dana Brooks.

LeAnn does the most charming projects. Her business is called the Whole Country Caboodle. Her family helps her at market and I have met her mother and her daughter. They are all very lovely people.

Dana hails from Utah as I do. She lives in St. George where the sun shines just about all of the time. She owns the Lazy Daisy Quilt Shop which was featured as one of the top shops by Quilt Sampler a few years ago. She has a knack for merchandising and she has boundless energy.

You will have fun at both places today. See you back here tomorrow for an intro to the last designers and the details about entering to win the grand prize.

Holiday Project Parade- More Freebies for you??

Thanks to all who left such nice notes yesterday! If you are half as nice to today's designers, they will be thrilled.

I haven't met either one of these women but I can tell you that I am looking forward to it. I'm going to visit both with my morning coffee. Hope you do too! Don't forget about those key words...

Today's designers are Chelsea Anderson (she has music at her place)

and Brenda Pinnick (she has a darling baby at her place). Both have tons of talent! Have fun making the rounds today! I will be out mingling with the shoppers.

Christmas Present

Today's designers are Laurie Bird, LizzieBCre8tive and Me! I am excited to have you here and have lots to tell you about. Hope you have a cup of hot cocoa!

Laurie Bird owns Rose Cottage Quilts and she does some really cute patterns. She and her sister are from my area and were in business before I was. I have made several of their patterns and love every one of the quilts.

LizzieBCre8tive is headed up by 2 ladies that are sisters-in-law. They married brothers. Beth (left) lives in the west and Liz (right) lives in the east. Somehow they work it all out. They have authored two books that I know about and have a new online venture in the works I think.

For those who don't know me, I am Barbara Jones and I design patterns for QuiltSoup which specializes in applique patterns for rookies and intermediates.

I have written a few books for Kansas City Star, published a few patterns in quilt magazines (Quilts and More, Australian Homepsun, Quiltmania and others) and designed a few fabric lines for Henry Glass & Co. The latest and greatest ones are Summertime, Doll Babies and Cherry Fizz. My husband Mark (aka Souperman) helps me with orders and Quilt Market. He is fired and rehired on a regular basis! I have one son and daughter-in-law and five grandchildren. I put the Christmas Tree up on Dec 23rd and take it down on Dec 26th!

Our family shares a meal and exchanges presents (key word) on Christmas Eve every year. It is my favorite day of the year. We find that as our kids have gotten older it is harder to get everyone together at the same time.

I also find that I am giving more gift cards and money than ever before. What I like about gift cards is that the recipient always gets what they want. What I don't like about gift cards is that they are less than personalized. I was trying to find a way to make my peace with this kind of gift giving. The gift card wallet was my solution.

There is a present (key word) on the front of the case so I thought it could be used for any occasion where gifts were called for.

If you have a child in college, it is fun to fill the wallet with gift cards to the restaurants near campus, a local mall, a local theater and some iTunes cards (of course). For my quilting buddies, I might fill the wallets with packets of our favorite pins and needles, gift cards to local tea and coffee houses, bakeries and chocolate shops...you know...the essentials. I made one from Summertime, one from Heather's Christmas line, and one from Hip Holidays.

If you are watching your nickels this year (and who isn't?), the actual gift cards could be homemade. For example I might make my husband gift cards that he would think are sexy throughout the year. Things like "You are entitled to one home cooked meal that you didn't have to make yourself" or how about "Take the week off...I will mow the lawn" or "Relax...I had the oil changed and you don't have to do it". You will probably want to ration these kind of cards carefully!

The gift wallet coordinates with our Hip Holidays quilt. There is just barely enough time left to make one. I think they still have some kits available at QuiltSoup. The pattern is a free download and you can find both of the patterns here.

We are gving away a copy of our latest book Picnic Park and a few fat quarters to get you started on the quilt. Just leave a comment.

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

On third day of Christmas....

The designers today are Jacquelynne Steves and Jill Finley.

Jacquelynne is a New Jersey girl now and owns and operates The Noble Wife. She was my neighbor at the last quilt market and it was the first time I had met her. She had a cute booth and lots of enthusiasm.

Jill Finley is a Utah girl and has worked very hard helping to put the project parade together for you. She designed the cover for the project book and I think she and Linda Lum DeBono collaborated on the blog hop icon. Jill's company, Jilily Studio is the source for "Appli-glue", an applique basting glue that is acid free and won't harm your fabric. She has authored a book about quilting retreats for Kansas City Star. She will lend a helping hand if you are in jam...I know because I was and she did! That's all I'm saying about that!

Remember to collect the key words and check back tomorrow for the schedule. I hear it is my turn in the barrel!

Some more fun for you

Who's designing for day 2? Kati Cupcake, Miss Rosie and Fresh Cut Quilts.

That would be Amy Hamberlin aka Kati Cupcake who lives in a little town in Idaho. Can you believe she is the mother of teenagers? I could not. Her trusty sidekick is Miss Melda Dean and both are too much fun.

The one who is not Miss Rosie is Carrie Nelson. I have only recently become acquainted with Carrie but I can tell you that she is one of those people with whom you feel an immediate rapport. She is self-effacing, way talented and can gab with the best of them. She is like the world's best cheerleader and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Fresh Cut Quilts is owned by Kari Ramsey. Kari hails from my neck of the woods and I remember when Fresh Cut Quilts was just a dream for her. Hats off to her for making her dream come true. Kari also had a good idea for a Holiday gift for all your quilterly friends that she posted yesterday. Be sure to check that out too!

I know they will have all cooked up something interesting and fun for you! Don't forget to collect the key words and stop back for Friday's batting order.