Working vacation

When I got home from market, I had just enough time to wash a couple of loads of laundry and then it was off to Southern California to present trunk shows and teach workshops. So far, the trip has been wonderful. Here are a few places we visited.

Our own private hotel in St. George (one of my brother's homes which he generously opens up to us when we are traveling to and from California).

Orange County Quilt Guild Trunk Show. The attendance was good and our welcome was spectacular!

The students are all in their places with bright shiny faces! The Orange Bee Quilt Shop hosted us and it was a wonderful location as you can see from all the windows and the huge classroom!

Then it was on to Santa Monica where we stayed almost across the street from the ocean and dined at the Ivy (think Jenifer Aniston, Lindsay Lohan, etc). We saw none of them (it was a school night as my mother would say!) but what a lovely view to start the day off with.

We checked out Santa Monica and Venice and I am just certain that one of these towns was meant to be my home! Laid back, eclectic and interesting.

Then it was on to the Getty Villa in Malibu where Roman antiquities are housed. Lots of statues, even more pottery all in a spectacular building and garden that overlooks the pacific. To be continued....


Pam said...

Almost to my neighborhood!! :0)
sounds like a fun trip!

linda lum debono said...

Mimi was wrong!! The blog is getting better!! 8 ) Looks like you're having a fab time!

Anonymous said...

Loved your pics of your trip!

Grace said...

Wow this seems awesome! I love quilting! You should really come to Santa Barbara. It would be a great place to hold something like this and you would love the city as well. A ton of fun stuff to do and it is so gorgeous as well. Great and budget friendly hotel to check out would be the Sandman Inn ( So affordable and the location is the absolute best.