Next up, Santa Barbara

From the Getty Villa, we traveled up the PCH (pacific Coast Highway for you easterners) to Santa Barbara where we did a little site seeing.

Here is the view from my hotel balcony at sunrise.

Walked across the street for breakfast at the Each Beach Grill. I think this was the best meal I ate while on the trip. It may have had something to do with dining on the sand with the ocean breeze drying my hair!

We toured the historic but active Santa Barbara mission. This mission was originally constructed around 1830 or so. Fourth graders in California study mission history so lots of them tour the missions. Lucky for us (and you!), we had a young girl in our group who knew the answers to all of the questions! The 3 statues on the top of the mission are Faith, Hope and Charity. Faith has a cross, Hope has a ???? (where is that little girl when I need her?) and Charity has a baby.

The chapel altar is breath taking as are the ancient statues and religious icons.

I visited Knit and Pearl, one of the local yarn shops and found some yarn I have been looking for awhile. I had a to-die-for pumpkin strip pastry at Andersen's, a local Danish bakery before leaving town. Next-up, grand-kids and the civil war....


little acorns said...

I used to live in Santa Barbara. . . & there are times I miss it so. It used to be a nice little sleepy town. . . now? I'm almost afraid to ask! Hope you have fun on your trip! It was good to see you at Market!
xo, Bren

Pam said...

We love Santa Barbara.. We always go up on Sunday as they have the Art Walk... crafts.. and art..
love S.B.. :0)