Late Breaking News!!!!!

My travelogue has just been interrupted by some exciting news! The designers at Henry Glass are doing a Holiday Project Parade especially for all of you (I wish I were you right now!).

How does this work?????

Dates of the Parade: Dec 1-7, 2010. That's this week. Yay!

How many projects will be offered each day? Three, uno, dos, tres!

How do I find the projects? You can visit your favorite Henry Glass Designer's blog to get pointed in the right direction or you can visit Henry Glass each day for a referral to each blog. You then visit each of the blogs listed for the day to see the free projects. Love the project? Download the file. FREE, FREE, FREE!

How do I enter to win the grand prize? Collect the clue words from each site you visit. You must visit all 21 sites and collect all 21 clue words. At the end of the parade, visit the Henry Glass website and enter to win the grand prize giveaway.

Do I need to comment on each designer's blog? Not to be eligible for the grand prize but you may if that designer is offering an extra little giveaway on her blog.

What is the grand prize? The winner will receive a prize from each and every one of the designers in addition to a prize that Henry Glass will give. That means you will get 22 presents in the mail! (I told you I wished I were you!).


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Barbara,

Sounds fantastic :)Thanks for letting us know
Hugs, Sharon

Crafty Mama said...

Wowza, that sounds really really fun! Can't wait☺☺

Loraine said...

Wow! Sounds so fun. Thanks for posting. I'll be checking in!