Kick off! Yahoo!

Today is the day! That's right. Its the first day of the Henry Glass Designers Holiday Project Parade. Each designer has a holiday key word that she will use in her blog post. You collect the key words (keep a list). At the end of the parade you list all the key words in your comment on the Henry Glass website and if you get them all, your name goes into the hat for the drawing.

Today's designers are that cute Linda Lum DeBono of Dzyning Things, Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures and the gals of Little Quilts. They are all authors, designers, and quilters. I have been to their sites and want to make everything I have seen. Here is what I know about each of them...

Linda is a techo-savy genius and funny. She goes a mile a minute and you need to fasten your seat belt if you are going to run with her. She is one of brains behind this project and it wouldn't have been possible to get it all together without her.

You will never meet a nicer person than Heather Mulder Peterson. She works incredibly hard and is one of the most humble and modest people I have met in the quilt business. I love both those attributes not to mention the quilts and fabrics she creates.
I don't know the ladies from Little Quilts very well but am hoping to. I do know that I love the rich coloration in their fabric lines and always look forward to what they have coming off the drawing board.

Have fun visiting everyone's blog and collecting free projects today. Don't forget about the key words. Stop back tomorrow to see who's up next.