The nicest people

You meet the nicest people in quiltmaking. Joyce Keller sent me a touching note and she said I could share her note with all of you. I have never met Joyce (at least that I remember) but would definitely like to!

"I am the fourth girl or five girls in our family. It was my youngest sister who died on Aug 30 of pancreatic cancer at age 53. She leaves behind 2 daughters, a son and three grandchildren. I was invited to one of the grand children's birthday party this year in February and wondered what I was going to give her. As I told you previously, I had made the Spring Loaded quilt (purchased as a kit from Nadine at Material Girls) a couple of years ago. It has been sitting in the cupboard (since I have no grandchildren of my own . . yet) and thought it was a perfect gift. Then I thought about the mystery quilt I was in the middle of and wondered what I was going to do with it. Ah hah! The 9 yr old's birthday was in June -- perfect gift. Then that left me with what to give to 6 year old boy -- thus, I found Bad Dad on your website! My niece told me that she had to take Austin to the doctor on the hottest day we've had this year and he wanted to be cuddled in his quilt."

Thank you Joyce for sharing your story with us and your beautiful quilts with your surrogate grandchildren.