Welsh Festival-The finale

We visited the restored log cabin where Olive Osmond grew up. Luke Waldron headed up the restoration. There were, of course, old quilts on the bed inside. One was autographed by all the Osmonds and was being raffled as a fundraiser. I thought of Nadine and Donny!
Next it was on to the Blue Goose, a 100 year old building with a checkered past. Mr. Hughes is an herbalist of sorts and volunteers at the shop 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. He makes his own skin cream called St. David's oinment. He gave us samples and we think the cream is very nice.

We attended a lecture by Jean Schoell on Welsh quilting. Who knew the Welsh were big quilters? It seems they made wool quilts (cause they raised sheep) to keep them warm (in cold old Wales). They settled in Pennsylvania when they came to the states. They also made many medallion quilts and there was scuttlebutt that they taught the Amish to quilt!

Went for a ride around the block. Thought you might like to see my vehicle. Mary and I had walked the runway the night before to see whether we could land at this little airport. We thought we would all survive so she gave the thumbs up to our transportation crew. Our pilot said we should put my logo on the side of the plane and I am thinking about that. My husband, me, Mary and our co-pilot. My corporate jet?.......

Lastly is transportation from another time. This milk truck was in the July 4th parade as was a manure spreader. Its not everyday you see something like this! We were so busy attending all the events this year that we missed the bed races, the melodrama at the playhouse and who knows what else. Good reason to try it again next year.


the Material Girls Quilts said...

Oh, did you buy me a raffle ticket? Looks like you had fun! Look at you flying, I am so impressed!!

RagQuiltFan said...

Quilts are beautiful, but they always look better in a rustic log cabin. I bet that was a great tour!