Quilting Angels

Let me introduce you to Esther and Nancy. They belong to a charity quilting group that makes quilts and baby items for folks who are in need. They turn anything I send them into gold. And believe me, I have sent them some dogs.

They recently went on a quilt run in Georgia and visited several wonderful shops and got to know a little bit about each one. They "take me with them" on their trips via phone calls, emails and pictures. We thought you might like to visit a couple of wonderful shops in Georgia as well.
The first is the Scarlett Letter which is owned by Karen. This shop definitely looks like my kind of place. So lovely and a great way to stack bolts...

This is Melissa and she works at the shop.

Then it was on the Sweet Home Quilt Co. Isn't this building fabulous? They used our Hip Holiday Line to make a quick and easy throw from different sized squares. Love it!

The next shop was the Patchwork Cottage. They really seem to know who to display a thing or two at this shop.That's the owner mugging for the girls! I think she might have been a little embarrassed by all the fuss!


A Quilter Awakens said...

I know Karen is from Scarlett Thread and Mita from Patchwork Cottage, so that is Melissa from Sweet Home, right? Thanks for giving the Georgia shops a plug! (Oh, and I plugged your Porch Pots pattern on my blog.) Karmen

Melisa @ Sweet Home said...

I remember Esther & Nancy's visit to Sweet Home Quilt Co, they were fun ladies! Just wanted to clarify that I own Sweet Home Quilt Co., and not that I work at A Scarlet Thread (although Karen is a good friend and has a great shop!)

albina N muro said...

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