Hip HolidaysTutorial- Here's the quilt

It was snowing here today. I heard some grumbling about it being the end of April and snow and such. I thought it was fabulous because I wanted to take a picture of the quilt we are making while it was in a snowy setting.

Here's how the day looked:

Here's my thinking...hurry and run outside with quilt! Slap it over the garbage can so you can see the snow and the quilt together! This is soooo against everything I was taught when I was growing up that I just about couldn't do it!

Try laying the quilt over the lemon thyme bush! That will never do. Too Lumpy!

Get back inside with the quilt that now has snow (and probably dirt) all over it.

Dry it out by a roaring fire. I tried to get a picture of the flames but it didn't work out. The flames would flare up and I would snap. By the time that happened, the flame was long gone. I did this over and over and my reflexes never did improve. Hope you have a good idea what we are making even if the photography leaves a little to be desired! The next step will be fabric requirements and cutting and piecing.

and the tickets go to...

Here are the lucky winners for tickets to the HMQS show...Tressa, Gayle, Jana and Jolene.

Each one of you has won 2 tickets so you can bring a friend. You need to email your first and last name to me by Friday April 30th, along with name of your guest. If you aren't going to bring a friend with you, please let me know so someone else can use the ticket. I look forward to seeing all of you at the show.

Hip Holidays is coming to the blog tomorrow (don't say liar, liar, pants on fire!) I am buffing and polishing the instructions right this very minute!

Time for a giveaway!

We are vending at the Home Machine Quilting show (aka HMQS) on May 6-8. This a a great event with a very large quilt show, top notch classes, vendor booths and a great awards evening. There are lots of make and take demos and it is THE place to be if you are thinking about buying a home quilting machine.

We are delighted to be able to give away some tickets for free admission to the show. Toss your name into the hat and we will announce the winners in a few days.

I am going to help you make Hip Holidays quilt here on the blog so I took about a zillion pictures last week. Gather up your rotary cutters, rulers and mat and your Hip Holidays fabric (of course) and join me here on Monday.If you haven't seen that fabric yet, don't worry. I will show you on Monday. See you then.

One of a gazillion.

Under a mountain of paperwork!

Oh my word! I was going to come right back and tell you more about Hip Holidays and then one thing led to another.. When people say they are buried under a mountain of paperwork it looks something like this.

I am showing you the entire mess. Kinda like letting you see me in my underwear! Today I put the finishing touches on a project and now have to dig out a little bit before I can go on to the next one.

First there is the mess at the printer...

Next is one of the messes on the floor and the desk...

Here is the mess on the other side of the floor...

And the mess at the end of the desk!

I am showing you shot after shot of paperwork so you can feel the same sense of messiness that I do without bothering to mess your own place up! Hope something good comes from all this paper, ink and paintbrushes! If it does, it was worth it....I think. Now I am off to clean up. Oh yeah...I really will be back to talk more about Hip Holidays soon.