Xmas anyone?

I know we just finished Xmas. I can see that some people still have their Xmas lights up! I always say that I am going to have to start writing tickets because it is long past time for them to be turned off (guess you could say it was a pet peeve of mine). Good thing I am not in charge of the planet isn't it?

Well they have one more night to turn those Xmas lights on again. I am delighted to show you our latest Xmas collection for Henry Glass Fabrics. It is called "Hip Holidays" and I really like it if I do say so myself. Most of the prints can be used all year through (think birthday, showers, weddings) while a couple are specific to Xmas. Thought I would show you the free project quilt I did to go with this line. We can talk a little bit more about it on Friday. Flip the switches and fire up those Xmas lights one more time!