As the book turns....

I have not fallen off the planet for those who are wondering.

Remember when I was telling you about our new quilt book? I was going to keep you updated as we went through the process. The book is called Cradle to Cradle and this is what the cover looks like. The book features quilts designed to commemorate the moments in a girl's life from her baby quilt through her wedding quilt and ends with a baby quilt for her first born child.

When I left off last time, the quilts were getting their beauty shots taken by the photographer. Well today the whole thing has gone to the printer! I don't know how that happened. We will give you all the details in our July newsletter.

The good folks at Henry Glass have agreed to reprint Bubblegum basics one more time so we will all have enough fabric to make the quilts in the book! What a company! Two of the quilts in the book are made from Bubblegum Basics.

We also have a new mystery block of the month quilt made from Bubblegum Basics in the works. We will be offering it on our website and I think it is pretty cute if I do say so myself! The reason I say that is because I am doing exactly what I want and will keep this quilt for one of my grandaughters. It has been really fun to work on. Sometimes you gotta do exactly what you want, don'tcha think?

Funnest day ever!

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day with my friend Nancy who was visiting from Florida. Our tradition is to shop hop and eat and catch up. Here was my take for the day. I wonder what I am making...I figure with these fabrics it will turn out cute no matter what it is! Hope I haven't jinxed myself!