A new adventure

It is also my mother's birthday this week. We celebrated by taking the train to a birthday dinner. The train starts and ends at old train depots in Salt Lake and Ogden. I had never ridden the train and thought I ought to give it a go. The sign says look both ways! I think I could remember that without the sign!! Ridership was light..almost like having your own personal train and engineer.

The food at the Union Grill in Ogden was good and I saw a log cabin cork board that no one could stick a pin into! It was made of actual wine corks. Like they won't get anymore of these! Maybe these were from rare vintages.

A week of birthday fun- burgers, beer and b???

One of my friends says that you needn't celebrate your birthday on the actual day. She claims the fun can go on for an entire week! I was greeted on my birthday by a huge winter storm. The traffic was a mess and a semi-truck overturned and spilled thousands of pounds of hamburger. There was a second overturned semi carrying beer up one of our canyons. My nephew sent his email birthday wishes and said that maybe next year the trucks would be carrying birthday cake! I think my other single nephews would think the only thing missing from the list of burgers and beer would be babes, not birthday cake! The fun will continue tomorrow.

A little bit testy

I have been cutting and sewing like a crazy woman. It is sooooooooo good to be back in the swing of things. I get a little testy if I don't have time to sew each day and I never realize what is wrong until I start stitching. Then I immediately realize what has been missing. Do you get the same way? Here's a part of what I did today. You can see that the applique is marked and ready to stitch and that's what I am off to do next!

I am teaching a new class that I call Repeat Offenders. It is a class for those who have taken our Learn to Needleturn class and just need to see the techniques demonstrated one more time or need a little one on one problem solving. Here are the kits these students are getting this time. G2G!