Bubblegum at the movies

Okay. I am trying something new that I don't know much about. That Anne Sutton over at Bunny Hill made a movie about her new fabric which raised the bar for the rest of the HG designers! I am not as techno-savvy as Anne but have lots of grandkids! There's more than one way to make a quilt block you know! I asked my granddaughter to make me a little movie of the swatches in our Bubblegum Basics line. She has done that and now I am uploading it to this blog. Didn't work. Of course it wouldn't be quite that easy. Grumble, grumble. Will try again.

I have taken a new approach. Just because I can't figure out how to post the movie doesn't mean I can't make a new one of my own... (Tick tock, there goes another hour or four). Oh yeah, and just because I am such an expert, I think I will add music too!

Well that didn't exactly work too well. I am nothing if not perserverant!!!(after all it's only time and I am so far behind now that what difference does a few more hours make? WooHoo!! Success at last! I am a multi-media genius! As you watch the video and listen to the music, you can read the blocks from my cute panel that will give you an idea of what I did or thought or said as I experienced this new adventure. Hope you have fun.

Why should I be the only one having all this fun? Why not give you the link so you too can make your own movie? Just keep an eye on the clock! Oh yeah...thanks Anne for broadening my horizons!

Click to play Bubblegum at the Movies
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It's finally here!

It is so very exciting here today! I just got home from the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show in Anaheim, California. They have EVERYTHING at this show....from scrap-booking to beading and jewelry making with wood and floral products thrown in between. I saw it all (whew!). Paris Hilton, Jayne Seymour and Vanna White were there and Debra Norville was the keynote speaker. She knits and is a terrific speaker.

Guess what was waiting for me when I got home? Yep, Bubblegum Basics!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!

I know I should have pressed all the fabrics before I snapped a pic of them but I was just too excited to show it all to you!!

I have one block for a new quilt completed and am at work on the second block. I love them both so far. Hope you will love the fabric when you see it at your local shops. Should be in stores in about 3 more weeks. Fons and Porter have also kitted a free project that we designed for use with these fabrics. They will be advertising it in their next magazine which will be on newsstands in mid February.

School night

Remember when your mother told you you couldn't stay out late because it was a school night? Well, we teach school at night and couldn't have any more fun! We taught Learn to Needleturn at Road to California. I thought our student's gift bags should be called schwag bags being in southern California and all! They were neatly packaged and awaiting the students' arrival in our booth.

Here they are picking up their bags and giving our sponsors a big thumbs up. They were sooooo excited!

We traipsed back to our classroom and got to work.

The watched and listened and learned lots, I hope! We had a truly great bunch of women and so enjoyed each and every one of them.

As promised, here are a few of our neighbors. Mary is shopping at Cozy Cottage. Kris Gianetti and she were having tons of fun.

The French Connection was right across the aisle from us and we were their best customers! Got lots of fun new bags.

Joe and Roxie from Thimblecreek were vending this year and we think they are wonderful.

And Kris Gianetti asking about our new Bubblegum Basics fabric line. I am holding a stack in my hand and you can see the little block behind us that is made from this cute line.

jiggity jig

We're back from sunny California! It was 84 degrees and blue skies when we landed at the Ontario Airport at noon on Tuesday. I think I could get used to that. We set up the booth, got organized, and opened for business on Thursday. Here is Souper-man and I amongst our wares.

I was lucky enough to have my friend Mary attend the show and teach with me this time. Here she is in the booth. She always looks this good!

We did a brisk business. Our customers are just the best and we so appreciate them all.

One of the funnest things we did this time was teach Learn to Needleturn to a group of about 20. Our very generous sponsors included Henry Glass & Co, Lakehouse Dry Goods, Lecien, Moda, Maywood Fabrics, Heather Mulder Peterson, Kansas City Star Publishing, All My Bags,DMC threads and SoakWash. These are examples of their generosity (Lakehouse and Lecien respectively).

We will show you our class and neighbor photos next time.

Quilt Qua

If you are like me, you want to know where the local quilt shops are when you travel. If you are like me, you sometimes have a hard time keeping track of scraps of paper with names and address of these shops on them. The perfect solution is a place on the internet called Quilt Qua (say it with a long "A" as in hay). I find this new resource to have tons of info all in one place that I can access from my phone at any time. How could it get any better? I suggest checking this one out.

The kits are packaged, the truck is loaded and the house sitters arrive in the morning. We are headed to the Road to California Quilter's Showcase. This is the funnest event I attend all year and I can hardly wait to get there! Of course I will take some pics for you and post when I can. We are teaching Learn to Needleturn on Friday and Saturday and wait till you see what the students get! Here is a little preview. These wonderful gifts were sent by Heather Mulder Peterson, a very talented designer with a knack for all things quick and easy, and Henry Glass & Co who manufacture Heather's fabric. We are very grateful to both.

Watch for pics from sunny California! And if you are keeping track, this is the second post for the new year!

A long winter's nap

It seems like I haven't minded this blog very well. I am trying to do better....New Year's resolution and all! I wanted you to know that I haven't been sleeping all winter so am showing you one of our latest developments. It is our QuiltSoup Block Board and is designed specifically for hand appliquers. This board is just right to place your work on your lap when you are stitching. For me, it kind of "shims" the block up to a height that help saves my neck when stitching. The front is heavily padded and serves as a place to stick your needle and a couple of pins. The back surface is made from coated fabric that reminds me of outdoor tablecloths. It is not an oil cloth but is sort of plasticized. Maybe you can see the back of the board in this photo. It is the one at the top. It is a good work surface to trace templates on. It "buttons" down with velcro corner tabs.The back is covering a sandpaper surface that helps stablize the fabric when you are marking the seam allowance for applique patches.

I wanted to have a good quality (the buy it once philosophy), pretty board to take with me wherever I go to stitch. This board fits the bill. We will be taking advance orders beginning February 1, 2009. Look for the notice in our February newsletter.

I am wishing you all a wonderful 2009. Can't wait to show you what's arriving in the mail in the next few days!!