Before, after and friends

We went to Quilt Market in Houston and just got home. Thought you might like to see what the booth looks like when we get there, when we are set up, and some of the friends that stopped by.

Kind of a "bare bones" look, don't ya think?

After we wiggle our noses: Glenda in our booth.

Funnest visitors ever: Elizabeth and Pam are always willing to mug for the camera a little bit. They are making a fuss over our new fabric line "Simply Sweet" which debuted at market. The quilt behind Pam's head is our LadyBug Hug quilt featuring Simply Sweet. More about that later (the quilt and fabric, not Pam's head!). They drove to Houston from the Bay area and you can follow the adventure on their blogs.

Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt and Gifts standing in front of our Rose Essential quilt made from her new Celebration line from Lecien. She is just as lovely as her fabric.

This is Linda Lum DeBono who does contemporary, quick projects. She chats a mile a minute and is fun-ee!

We missed seeing Heather (Anka's treasures) and Camille (Thimbleblossom) and forgot to take pictures of about 100 other friends.

We are glad to be home and look forward to showing you all what we have been up to right after I take a much needed nap!

Later, gators!


Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! It was great to see you again and to meet Glenda. Your new line of fabric is just to die for, so "sweet". I just love it. I am glad you have arrived home safely.

little acorns said...

You are one of my favorite people to see at market. . . Thank you for making such beautiful quilts with my fabrics. . . I love them all!
xo, Bren

Camille said...

Oh, you are so sweet to even notice I was missing! :-) Your booth turned out beautifully (no surprise there). Isn't it amazing to see the bare bones turn into a booth and back to bare bones again?

Can't wait to see this new fabric of yours in person. I heart bubblegum basics!

See you in the spring!

Heather Peterson said...

I missed seeing you and all your lovely quilts too! We just seem to be on opposite schedules . . . Hopefully next spring we can connect. The booth looks beautiful and I can't wait to see the new fabric. When is it available?

PamKittyMorning said...

Great to see you. I love your new line! It will be a sure fire hit in the shops. You're totally cracking me up. You're right, no one wants more about my giant head. xo

ccweigel said...

Perhaps the mystery is not as much a mystery as it once was....I like it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Barbara! It was so much fun getting to know you girls at market. Now I know why Amy was happy about being next to you girls! I love all your patterns and fabric! Keep up the good stuff!
Melda Dean