Kit girl

My granddaughter has moved back to town and is working with me a few days each week. What a treat this has been for me. She has been cutting kits for about 2 weeks and has taken to it like she was born to do it. I always tell her that she is my quilter.... she just doesn't know it yet! I'm not sure she agrees. I think every quilting grandma is entitled to at least one quilting grandchild, don't you?

Which kits has she been working on you ask? The latest is "The Wedding Quilt" from our new book "Cradle to Cradle". She kitted several of the quilts in the book and is now working on kits for our mystery Block of the Month which starts next month. I think she has done a good job on this one (it's my right to brag a little bit!), don't you?


scottylover said...

How pretty! Love the colors used, too! Tell her she did a great job!

Sandy A in St. Louis

blop said...

Looks delicious to me! Great job!

Yes, you are entitled to have a quilty grandkiddo!! Mine is only 4 but already getting the itch.

Melvin said...

WOW,stunning......gorgeous colours!!!
Thanks for sharing...
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