In and out the door

He delivered again and I want you to know I gave him a cold beverage as you all instructed me last time! Guess what's in the boxes?

Then I was out the door. My friend Nancy from Florida sent me a surprise. She made the bag from our Bubblegum Basic so I could "strut my stuff" as she said! Friends are just the best! I am on the way to quilt group and it is filled with a project!

I'm ready... r u?

Our mystery Block of the Month (BOM) is ready. I am only sneaking a little of it! Don't even ask me to show you's a mystery!! Sign-ups start in August over at QuiltSoup and BOM program starts in September. This one was just too much fun and I am looking forward to doing something mysterious.... Are you feeling Matahari-ish?

Look what I got!

The waiting is over. Yahooooooooooo! Cradle to Cradle has arrived! QuiltSoup will be posting it on their website as soon as they get the shrinkwrap removed!

I have to tell you that I was laughing as I snapped this off-kilter pic. I was thinking about ThimbleBlossom Camille as I was shooting willy nilly with all kinds of angles. This pic is not to be confused with the beautiful shots she takes...but it made me smile to tip the camera a little bit and imagine her thinking I had lost my mind if she could only see what I was doing!

Knitted sweater

Several of you were wondering about the sweater pattern. It is a free download from under the Lara cotton yarn.

The gauge swatch is worked in stockinette stitch. The sweater is worked in the round and starts out on double point needles until you have enough stitches to move up to a 16" circular needle. You work on the 16" until it gets too crowded and then move up to a 24". The same thing applies and you move up to a 36" and work until the knitting is completed. You can see that I am not quite that far yet. I can also tell you that without the help of Shannon at Hemstitched Heirlooms I would still be trying to figure out what the pattern was talking about. I am kind of new to knitting. As it is, I am well on my way...

Malad Quilters

This week we traveled to Malad, Idaho and did a trunk show and stitch demo for the Oneida County Quilters. They gave us a trunk show of their own, a wonderful lunch and a ton of fun! We thank them for their hospitality. They do lots of good works and donate quilts to those in need.

Here's the whole group with Mary and I....

And their fund-raising raffle quit for this year (contact the Oneida County Quilts for tickets at

And some of their individual quilts.....

This one by Ruth Thomas looks like it has lace inserts but it is simply tons of embroidery on a piece of gingham check...

These are antique (her grandmother's) hankies set into a quilt and sashed with satin

And this one is appliqued and embroidered by machine and for her son I think...

A new knitting project

I have started a new knitting project today. Well, I should say that I am still making the gauge swatch. I hate this part but it is just like quilting without finding an accurate quarter inch seam allowance before you sew. Speaking of that, do you know how to find an accurate seam allowance? The easiest way is to place the first line on a ruled index card under the needle and slowly lower the needle till it just touches the right hand side of the ruled line. Mark this spot on your machine with seam guide or whatever else you want and that is where the fabric runs as you sew.

Here is my bee-u-tee-ful new sweater pattern. You can wear it two ways. One is short and one is long.

That is for those days when you don't know up from down. You will still look smashing either way! Hope it gets made!