Joe the quilter

Serendipity favored me today. We are vending at HMQS in SLC this weekend.
I had reserved 2 tickets to the awards and entertainment evening because the featured speaker was to be Joe Cunningham telling the story of the Joe the Quilter. If you don't know who Joe Cunningham is, treat yourself to his website.

Who should happen by and chat us up this morning but Joe himself?

You may not know this about Joe and I am hoping he won't mind that I am telling tales out of school, but in addition to being a gifted quilt artist with "quilt" running through his veins and filling up his very soul, he is affable and self-effacing. What else can one human being be? We drug him to a local soup and sandwich shop for a quick bite between the show and his performance. We then watched in awe as he regaled the crowd with his one man play and musical telling the story of Joe the quilter, an Englishman who lived in 1765 (or so Joe Cunningham claims). You find yourself wondering which Joe is really Joe, where do they overlap, how authentic is each and are these questions even relevant.

Are you with me so far? Just let me recap a little bit for you...he (Joe Cunningham) writes plays, music and lyrics and performs them, and envisions and makes original conceptual quilts telling the story. Can you say talented?

To top it all off, he unveiled his latest body of work and I felt my breath catch a couple of times. So fresh, so artistic, so inspiring. So rich, so humbling and just so...Joe. Thanks for sharing your talents Joe the Quilter Cunningham. It was an honor.


Jackie said...

He is wonderful and a terrific addition to the quilting world!

Natalia said...

He's so funny! I was there at HMQS last night:)

Evie's Ark, All Things Animal said...

He has spoken at my quilt guild in Sacramento!