860 before I go

So far this week I have ridden 860 miles in the car and am going to do 200 more miles before Monday. See what I mean about stitching in the car? I can really get a lot done. It is like the QuiltSoup mobile unit! However, I usually forget the camera and then regret it when I remember that I forgot it.

We visited Superior Threads in St. George, Utah. Don't you think their building really suits the red rock and bluff landscape?

We were treated royally by Carrie who works at the desk. Bob, the owner, lived in Japan for several years and Carrie's office is decorated with Kimonos and the like. That little diploma by her work area says she has a Ph.D. in Threadology!

I stopped in to pick up some Frosted Donuts for all of you but they were on backorder so we will have to wait for awhile. Darn it!

I love the portability of this thread collection (cause I am on the road you know!) and the quality of the Masterpeice 100% cotton thread for my applique and handwork.


LilyHaven said...

Sounds like you've been on quite the adventure! That's a lot of miles.

I made another creation using some of your Bubblegum Basics fabrics. Visit my blog to see the skirt I just finished up: www.lilyhavencollection.blogspot.com


Sherri said...

I have one of those donuts and LOVE it! I still need to go tour Superior Threads, though...I just live an hour south!

Pam said...

superior is the best!! :0)

thanks for sharing

Teresa said...

Is the thread collection you put together yourself, or can you purchase it pre-wound on bobbins like that? I have a bobbin holder like that, and I like it very much. Now I want one with all the pretty colors like you have!

barbara@quiltsoup said...

The thread comes pre-wound on bobbins in the colors shown. You just grab and go.

vickibellino@charter.net said...

Could it have been my Superior purchase at market that put the Frosted Bobbins on backorder??? So sorry. . . I just wanted to have them available on my web site so that others can experience this wonderful thread for applique.

barbara@quiltsoup said...

Yes Vicki Bellino. I am holding you personally responsible for the backlog! Way to go!

Auntie Pami said...

Isn't Superior Threads the best? I can hardly wait to see your book.