School night

Remember when your mother told you you couldn't stay out late because it was a school night? Well, we teach school at night and couldn't have any more fun! We taught Learn to Needleturn at Road to California. I thought our student's gift bags should be called schwag bags being in southern California and all! They were neatly packaged and awaiting the students' arrival in our booth.

Here they are picking up their bags and giving our sponsors a big thumbs up. They were sooooo excited!

We traipsed back to our classroom and got to work.

The watched and listened and learned lots, I hope! We had a truly great bunch of women and so enjoyed each and every one of them.

As promised, here are a few of our neighbors. Mary is shopping at Cozy Cottage. Kris Gianetti and she were having tons of fun.

The French Connection was right across the aisle from us and we were their best customers! Got lots of fun new bags.

Joe and Roxie from Thimblecreek were vending this year and we think they are wonderful.

And Kris Gianetti asking about our new Bubblegum Basics fabric line. I am holding a stack in my hand and you can see the little block behind us that is made from this cute line.


PamKittyMorning said...

Your new line is super duper cute, can't wait to get my hands on it. Love all the photos, glad you had fun!

the Material Girls Quilts said...

I have had tons of people in looking for Bubblegum Basics!!!yea!! I am so going to Road to California next year!! Can I hang with you and Mary?~I'll behave myself.
See ya soon!

Anne Sutton said...

I want to come too! Not to work, just to hang with you, Mary and Nadine! Now that would be fun! Looks like great fun!