Not far behind!

This arrived today.

The sleigh and reindeer can't be far behind.

Time out!

We are taking a little time to design, sew, visit and eat.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday. We are always thankful that you are a part of our quilting family. Here is a part of our regular family.

The good...

I recently ran across this mag at my dentist's office. It is called Real Simple and I think it is a great publication. It is full of recipes, beauty and household tips and practical advice like "To sharpen household scissors, cut a piece of sandpaper with them". Probably wouldn't use that tip on my best applique scissors but it works great for those cheap ones that we all have a million pairs of. you can check it out here.

They talk about this...

and this....

and this.....

Pumpkins and hexes

Our friends are pumpkin masters. They carve over 100 pumpkins in a marathon each year. This was my favorite this time.

Pam Kitty Morning made me make these!

PKM owes me $300.00!

When I got home from Quilt Market, I took a little time to put my feet up and wander around all the marvelous blogs out there. I started over at Pam Kitty Morning's place because she has the most extensive list of turbo cool places.

My oh my aren't you a creative bunch? I landed here (attic 24) about the time I was feeling totally inadequate which led me here (Sarah London) and her work struck a cord with me. I have made ripple afghans, granny squares and the like a lifetime ago but they looked so fresh to me! You know that I am all about colors and happy stuff. So, I visited here, bought these and maybe a little other stuff, ok quite a bit of other stuff!. I'm claiming that Pam is responsible and she owes me 300.00 for the damages!

Simply Sweet

I am totally thrilled to be able to show you the designs from our newest collection Simply Sweet for Henry Glass fabrics (it took me 3 tries but I finally got it!).

I designed this collection as a follow-on to Bubblegum Basics (so we could mix and match!). The fabrics will arrive in quilt shops in January 2010. Better run down and tell them if you think you need it!

Put on your dancin shoes, turn up the volume, press play and dream on!

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Before, after and friends

We went to Quilt Market in Houston and just got home. Thought you might like to see what the booth looks like when we get there, when we are set up, and some of the friends that stopped by.

Kind of a "bare bones" look, don't ya think?

After we wiggle our noses: Glenda in our booth.

Funnest visitors ever: Elizabeth and Pam are always willing to mug for the camera a little bit. They are making a fuss over our new fabric line "Simply Sweet" which debuted at market. The quilt behind Pam's head is our LadyBug Hug quilt featuring Simply Sweet. More about that later (the quilt and fabric, not Pam's head!). They drove to Houston from the Bay area and you can follow the adventure on their blogs.

Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt and Gifts standing in front of our Rose Essential quilt made from her new Celebration line from Lecien. She is just as lovely as her fabric.

This is Linda Lum DeBono who does contemporary, quick projects. She chats a mile a minute and is fun-ee!

We missed seeing Heather (Anka's treasures) and Camille (Thimbleblossom) and forgot to take pictures of about 100 other friends.

We are glad to be home and look forward to showing you all what we have been up to right after I take a much needed nap!

Later, gators!

Outta Here!

We are off to Quilt Market in Houston. Should be a good time. I will snap a few pics and send them along for you. Wish us luck!

We have left Soup-erman in charge around here. He does a pretty good job. If you have problems or questions with any anything QuiltSoup-ish, put him to work! We are featuring a couple of new pre-cuts in October's newsletter. They look like this.

Nor dark of night

We are underway with mystery Block of the Month program. Here is Souperman at the Post office with the last of many loads.

The clock reads 12:15 and you know it is a.m. because it is dark. You know what the Postal Service claims "Neither rain nor snow nor dark of night"... We claim the same thing! If you are one of the mystery participants, please check the blog from time to time. Might have some updates posted for you.

I must apologize...

I must tell you that I'm sorry to have not posted a little more frequently. I have lots of excuses but no good reasons. To make up for it, I thought I could show you the cutest bag and quilt patterns with dimensional flowers that our friend Katie Cupcake has done out of Bubblgegum Basics. She is an up-and-comer with a young family and has recently designed her first fabric collection for Henry Glass. You might want to pay her a visit and let her know we sent you.

A new stack

This funky collection is called Luna and was designed my friend Gail Fountain for Maywood Studios. How hip is it? Thought you might like to see what it looks like before I wiggle my nose and it turns into something that is (hopefully) too much fun.

Kit girl

My granddaughter has moved back to town and is working with me a few days each week. What a treat this has been for me. She has been cutting kits for about 2 weeks and has taken to it like she was born to do it. I always tell her that she is my quilter.... she just doesn't know it yet! I'm not sure she agrees. I think every quilting grandma is entitled to at least one quilting grandchild, don't you?

Which kits has she been working on you ask? The latest is "The Wedding Quilt" from our new book "Cradle to Cradle". She kitted several of the quilts in the book and is now working on kits for our mystery Block of the Month which starts next month. I think she has done a good job on this one (it's my right to brag a little bit!), don't you?

In and out the door

He delivered again and I want you to know I gave him a cold beverage as you all instructed me last time! Guess what's in the boxes?

Then I was out the door. My friend Nancy from Florida sent me a surprise. She made the bag from our Bubblegum Basic so I could "strut my stuff" as she said! Friends are just the best! I am on the way to quilt group and it is filled with a project!

I'm ready... r u?

Our mystery Block of the Month (BOM) is ready. I am only sneaking a little of it! Don't even ask me to show you's a mystery!! Sign-ups start in August over at QuiltSoup and BOM program starts in September. This one was just too much fun and I am looking forward to doing something mysterious.... Are you feeling Matahari-ish?

Look what I got!

The waiting is over. Yahooooooooooo! Cradle to Cradle has arrived! QuiltSoup will be posting it on their website as soon as they get the shrinkwrap removed!

I have to tell you that I was laughing as I snapped this off-kilter pic. I was thinking about ThimbleBlossom Camille as I was shooting willy nilly with all kinds of angles. This pic is not to be confused with the beautiful shots she takes...but it made me smile to tip the camera a little bit and imagine her thinking I had lost my mind if she could only see what I was doing!

Knitted sweater

Several of you were wondering about the sweater pattern. It is a free download from under the Lara cotton yarn.

The gauge swatch is worked in stockinette stitch. The sweater is worked in the round and starts out on double point needles until you have enough stitches to move up to a 16" circular needle. You work on the 16" until it gets too crowded and then move up to a 24". The same thing applies and you move up to a 36" and work until the knitting is completed. You can see that I am not quite that far yet. I can also tell you that without the help of Shannon at Hemstitched Heirlooms I would still be trying to figure out what the pattern was talking about. I am kind of new to knitting. As it is, I am well on my way...

Malad Quilters

This week we traveled to Malad, Idaho and did a trunk show and stitch demo for the Oneida County Quilters. They gave us a trunk show of their own, a wonderful lunch and a ton of fun! We thank them for their hospitality. They do lots of good works and donate quilts to those in need.

Here's the whole group with Mary and I....

And their fund-raising raffle quit for this year (contact the Oneida County Quilts for tickets at

And some of their individual quilts.....

This one by Ruth Thomas looks like it has lace inserts but it is simply tons of embroidery on a piece of gingham check...

These are antique (her grandmother's) hankies set into a quilt and sashed with satin

And this one is appliqued and embroidered by machine and for her son I think...

A new knitting project

I have started a new knitting project today. Well, I should say that I am still making the gauge swatch. I hate this part but it is just like quilting without finding an accurate quarter inch seam allowance before you sew. Speaking of that, do you know how to find an accurate seam allowance? The easiest way is to place the first line on a ruled index card under the needle and slowly lower the needle till it just touches the right hand side of the ruled line. Mark this spot on your machine with seam guide or whatever else you want and that is where the fabric runs as you sew.

Here is my bee-u-tee-ful new sweater pattern. You can wear it two ways. One is short and one is long.

That is for those days when you don't know up from down. You will still look smashing either way! Hope it gets made!

As the book turns....

I have not fallen off the planet for those who are wondering.

Remember when I was telling you about our new quilt book? I was going to keep you updated as we went through the process. The book is called Cradle to Cradle and this is what the cover looks like. The book features quilts designed to commemorate the moments in a girl's life from her baby quilt through her wedding quilt and ends with a baby quilt for her first born child.

When I left off last time, the quilts were getting their beauty shots taken by the photographer. Well today the whole thing has gone to the printer! I don't know how that happened. We will give you all the details in our July newsletter.

The good folks at Henry Glass have agreed to reprint Bubblegum basics one more time so we will all have enough fabric to make the quilts in the book! What a company! Two of the quilts in the book are made from Bubblegum Basics.

We also have a new mystery block of the month quilt made from Bubblegum Basics in the works. We will be offering it on our website and I think it is pretty cute if I do say so myself! The reason I say that is because I am doing exactly what I want and will keep this quilt for one of my grandaughters. It has been really fun to work on. Sometimes you gotta do exactly what you want, don'tcha think?

Funnest day ever!

A couple of weeks ago I spent the day with my friend Nancy who was visiting from Florida. Our tradition is to shop hop and eat and catch up. Here was my take for the day. I wonder what I am making...I figure with these fabrics it will turn out cute no matter what it is! Hope I haven't jinxed myself!

860 before I go

So far this week I have ridden 860 miles in the car and am going to do 200 more miles before Monday. See what I mean about stitching in the car? I can really get a lot done. It is like the QuiltSoup mobile unit! However, I usually forget the camera and then regret it when I remember that I forgot it.

We visited Superior Threads in St. George, Utah. Don't you think their building really suits the red rock and bluff landscape?

We were treated royally by Carrie who works at the desk. Bob, the owner, lived in Japan for several years and Carrie's office is decorated with Kimonos and the like. That little diploma by her work area says she has a Ph.D. in Threadology!

I stopped in to pick up some Frosted Donuts for all of you but they were on backorder so we will have to wait for awhile. Darn it!

I love the portability of this thread collection (cause I am on the road you know!) and the quality of the Masterpeice 100% cotton thread for my applique and handwork.

Idle hands

Idle hands make me nervous! I have been putting a few of these together while I am designing the next batch of quilts. I don't have any applique ready to go and I cannot stand it when I have nothing in my hands! Know what I mean? Looks like I still need to get an iron out before I take pics for you! I figure you have all seen creases in fabric before, can identify what they are and probably have some of your own just like this!

Sweet Tea

I have been showing you snippets for a few days and wanted to show you what the finished product looks like. I mean, how many little snippets can one person stand? The quilts is made from Flower Sugar, a new collection by Lecien Corp. Aren't the fabrics wonderful? Now I just need to write the pattern...

Joe the quilter

Serendipity favored me today. We are vending at HMQS in SLC this weekend.
I had reserved 2 tickets to the awards and entertainment evening because the featured speaker was to be Joe Cunningham telling the story of the Joe the Quilter. If you don't know who Joe Cunningham is, treat yourself to his website.

Who should happen by and chat us up this morning but Joe himself?

You may not know this about Joe and I am hoping he won't mind that I am telling tales out of school, but in addition to being a gifted quilt artist with "quilt" running through his veins and filling up his very soul, he is affable and self-effacing. What else can one human being be? We drug him to a local soup and sandwich shop for a quick bite between the show and his performance. We then watched in awe as he regaled the crowd with his one man play and musical telling the story of Joe the quilter, an Englishman who lived in 1765 (or so Joe Cunningham claims). You find yourself wondering which Joe is really Joe, where do they overlap, how authentic is each and are these questions even relevant.

Are you with me so far? Just let me recap a little bit for you...he (Joe Cunningham) writes plays, music and lyrics and performs them, and envisions and makes original conceptual quilts telling the story. Can you say talented?

To top it all off, he unveiled his latest body of work and I felt my breath catch a couple of times. So fresh, so artistic, so inspiring. So rich, so humbling and just so...Joe. Thanks for sharing your talents Joe the Quilter Cunningham. It was an honor.

And the winners are.......

If your name is Amy at park city girl, Laura or Kristen Kimber your are going to the HMQS show! Please send me your address and I will drop your ticket in the mail today. Stop by booth 213 and say hi!

The stitching continues....

Free tickets to winners!

I am giving something else away! I have 3 tickets for the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake City, May 7-9, 2009. The tickets are good for a one day admission. HMQS offers over 100 classes on a variety of machine quilting and embroidery topics, has 175 vendor booths (including us in booth 213) and a judged quilt competition with $23,000 in prize money. Some of those girls can really quilt. You can check it out at this place. . If you're up for a little shopping, some make and take, free demos and beautiful quilts, leave a comment. Oh yeah... this is part of what I cut out and marked for applique today. Sorry about the glare. No time for beauty shots right now! Off to stitch!

Free patterns

I'm delighted to tell you that we have posted 3 free patterns over at QuiltSoup. APQ is doing a story about pre-printed panels and free patterns that use them as a service to their online community. We have posted the patterns for all of you, our regular visitors, as well as the newcomers. We have patterns for the pillow you see here(and yes you have seen this before) and two quilts made from Bubblegum Basics. Please use any and all of the patterns with our very warmest wishes. It's our way of saying thanks for being such great friends. Speaking of thanks and friends, I would like to thank RuthAnn Hogan for turning my pillowtop into a pillow! Great job!