Bubblegum Basics

The strike offs of Bubblegum Basics have all arrived! Most of you know that strike-offs are little test samples for each fabric in a collection that the textile mill prepares. The textile mill sends strike-offs to the design director (in my case it is Karen..see her in our market photos) at the fabric company (Henry Glass & Co). This person looks the fabric over carefully to be certain there are no problems with the printing and they send a set of strike-offs back to the designer(me)for review. It is always an exciting time because this is the first time I see the designs on actual fabric! There can be some surprises and sometimes there are minor changes that need to be made before the mill makes goodles of yards of a particular design.

Bubblegum Basics has a really cute hanky panel included in the line. They aren't really hankies but that panel reminds me of them. We have 7 1/2" pre-printed squares with sayings for today's teen girls (and their moms and grandmas) like "Oh my Gosh", "Laugh out Loud", etc. (read these with a valley girl accent...like totally, you know!) Our Mall Doll quilt pattern (free with purchse of the fabric) uses these squares in a quick and easy quilt pattern designed for "hip chicks!"

More on the fabric on the next post... If you can't wait till then, you can see them all online at Henry Glass & Company at www.henryglassfabrics.com.

But I digress...

I have taken up knitting again! Kris Gianetti of Cozy Cottage in Brea was my "go-to-girl" for this adventure. She carries yarn in her quilt shop and we see her at market everytime we go. I asked her to bring me a surprise package of yarn so I could have something fun to do in the evenings while were in Houston. She brought me a couple of different yarns and a cute headband pattern to knit. True to form, I started the project and then thought "what if I were to .......". It has been an adventure ever since. I thought I would show you what I was working on so I can keep you updated on my progress.

And, as I promised, here are a few of the gifts I got before and during market. Clock wise from upper left. Penny Sturgess of Quilts Illustrated gave me this beautiful bag she made from Lakehouse fabric. The workmanship is impeccable both inside and out. What means the most to me about this bag is that Penny made it herself and gave it to me. MaryAnne brought me beautiful new earrings to wear at market. They were handmade by glass artist Sarinda Jones and are lovely. Next is my reading material for the next little (long???)while. My friend and helper Mary gave me this new translation of Les Miserables as I have never read it. Hope my glasses hold out. This is a big book!! And then there is my knitting. I am making very feminine fingerless gloves from pink cashmere yarn! The yarn is called Pashmina and feels like you would like have to have your underwear made from it which made me wonder "What if I were to....."!!!!!

Home again 3

A couple more famous folks…..
First, Anne 2 of Bunny Hill. Anne (on the right) is Anne Sutton’s (on the left) best friend and helps her make all the lovely quilts she makes. Anne 2 is very kind and easy to be around. The first time I went to market I was terrified. I had signed us up to work sample spree and we had no idea what sample spree was, much less how to run the credit card machine, display the products, etc. Anne 2 sort of took us under her wing a little bit and I will always appreciate her kindness.

Next, Cindy Lammon stopped by. She is an author for That Patchwork Place books and makes some lovely quilts. She always has a big smile on her face and I am always thrilled to see her. She said we can look for another wonderful book from her. I can hardly wait! You can visit her at Hyacinth Quilt Designs.

Lastly, I met bloggers and lurkers of all varieties. Thanks to Jackie, Bronwyn and others who identified themselves at our booth. It was so fun to meet you in person.

Tomorrow’s post is market gifts, before and after, so stay tuned……

Home again... Part 2

Now that you have met the neighbors let me tell you about the celebs that we ran into. The effervescent Pam Kitty Morning came by and mugged with our new fabric line. She is as funny and terrific in person as you would expect her to be from her blog. I took the pic with my camera so the lighting isn’t the very best. It was that or nothing!

Next I ran into Holly Lakehouse and her attention seeking puppy! She had two of these cute little dogs at market and they were, of course, attired in little collars from her terrific new fabric line called Doll Dresses. Holly was concerned that you might not be able to see the puppy collar against the red carpet.
She was right……as usual. Again, the picture was taken with the phone and the color is a little goofy. But look how limber she is!!!! Her booth was smashing as always and was the best in my opinion. I am certain she will be blogging about it.

One of my very favorite designers is Glenna Haley. You will never meet a sweeter and funnier person in your life. She and Karen Snyder stopped by and I laughed until I cried. Glenna and her husband Bill sprung us from captivity and took us out for a delicious dinner and a buggy ride through town. Bill had the limo all polished up and he waiting for us just outside the convention center. If you knew how big the convention center was, you would appreciate what that means to folks with tired and aching feet. What a guy! So kind of them and so fun for us.

I don’t have picture of the most exciting celebrity I met. You will have to take my word for it. I have wanted to meet the elusive Mr. Mark Lipinski for quite some time now and it has just never worked out. He is Mr. Big Deal and getting an audience with him is like getting an audience with Oprah herself. I was standing in line to check my bags at the Contintental Airlines counter early Tuesday morning and who should happen to get in line behind me? None other, I swear to God. I promptly introduced myself and chatted him up a bit.

The photo is from the cover of his mag , Quilter’s Home. He is even prettier in person. He is just one of those people who breeze through a room and stir things up. You find yourself wishing you were going with him no matter where he is headed. Energetic, fun and wears GREAT glasses. Sarah Palin pales in comparison (forgive me Mark!).
Only a day or two of the market round up left. Stay tuned……..