But I digress...

I have taken up knitting again! Kris Gianetti of Cozy Cottage in Brea was my "go-to-girl" for this adventure. She carries yarn in her quilt shop and we see her at market everytime we go. I asked her to bring me a surprise package of yarn so I could have something fun to do in the evenings while were in Houston. She brought me a couple of different yarns and a cute headband pattern to knit. True to form, I started the project and then thought "what if I were to .......". It has been an adventure ever since. I thought I would show you what I was working on so I can keep you updated on my progress.

And, as I promised, here are a few of the gifts I got before and during market. Clock wise from upper left. Penny Sturgess of Quilts Illustrated gave me this beautiful bag she made from Lakehouse fabric. The workmanship is impeccable both inside and out. What means the most to me about this bag is that Penny made it herself and gave it to me. MaryAnne brought me beautiful new earrings to wear at market. They were handmade by glass artist Sarinda Jones and are lovely. Next is my reading material for the next little (long???)while. My friend and helper Mary gave me this new translation of Les Miserables as I have never read it. Hope my glasses hold out. This is a big book!! And then there is my knitting. I am making very feminine fingerless gloves from pink cashmere yarn! The yarn is called Pashmina and feels like you would like have to have your underwear made from it which made me wonder "What if I were to....."!!!!!


Jackie said...

Wonderful gifts! I can't wait to see the gloves finished. The bag by Penny is beautiful. She has such fantastic designs. Thanks for sharing!

nadine@thematerialgirlsquilting.com said...

Shelby and I were going to knit a couple of years ago, I made one scarf and finished it!! (yea! for me)I opened the shop and thats all she wrote. Great gifts!
(i could sure use some socks)

amy said...

Such lovelies! That knitting is gorgeous! While I know we love the quilting, the knitting is such a comforting past-time. Unless one is swearing at one's knitting, that is... Have fun!

Anne Sutton said...

Now that is a yarn worth knitting! I swear you are making me want to knit or crochet! It's such a relaxing hobby and we need this once in awhile.

Next market I go shopping with you. (: